Typical Israeli Food, Tasty and Healthy

Typical Israeli Food, Tasty and Healthy

Reporting from mofongosphilly.com The first thing that comes to mind when Indonesians hear the state of Israel is the precarious situation in Gaza. This country that is synonymous with war turns out to have interesting tourist destinations. You can see the most popular tourist attractions such as the Dead Sea, Old Town and others.


The typical Israeli food that you must try is Falafel. Yes, this food can indeed be found in other Middle Eastern countries. Falavel itself is a food made from fava beans, chickpeas or a combination of the two ingredients. You can easily find this food in various restaurants in Israel or buy falafel and make it yourself at home.

In Indonesia, falafel may be similar to cakes or croquettes. Is the taste of falafel similar to Indonesian-style cakes? See for yourself by ordering this typical Israeli and Middle Eastern food!


Want to start an exciting holiday adventure in Israel? You should prepare physically and mentally with this country’s traditional breakfast menu. A typical Israeli food that is often used as a breakfast menu is shakshuka. This food is made from a mixture of peppers, tomatoes and coriander served hot. Complementary eggs and tomato sauce will make you even more addicted to enjoying the original culinary delights of this country with a population of around 8 million.


One of the most popular Israeli dishes is hummus. Many people in Israel or the Arabian peninsula make hummus their favorite breakfast menu. Hummus is similar to pastries dipped in chickpea sauce. You can choose unusual culinary hummus when visiting Tel Aviv or other cities in Israel.

Hummus Masabacha has a different taste because it has additional accompaniments such as paprika, lemon, chickpeas, and tahini. This popular dish is usually eaten with hot pita bread. A filling breakfast, right?

Kouign Amann

Kouign amann is a typical Israeli snack that is suitable as a companion for tea or coffee. This dry bread is made from a mixture of butter and flour. On top, sprinkled with sugar and a little salt.

For those of you who are lovers of puff pastry cakes, you will definitely like this typical Israeli snack. Don’t forget to try it!


Kugel is a kind of egg and noodles cooked together. This one food is similar to Indonesian-style noodle martabak. The difference is, this food has a topping in the form of potatoes.

It has a sweet taste, so it is perfect for dessert. In Israel, this traditional food is often served at Sabbath celebrations. Interested in trying?

Israeli Salad

Perhaps Israel’s most famous national dish, the Israeli salad is actually a descendant of Arab and Palestinian salads. Finely diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions (optional), and bell peppers or chili peppers are usually topped with olive oil and lemon juice.

This refreshing salad is served as a main or side dish, and is even sold as street food, wrapped in pita bread topped with falafel or shawarma. This healthy salad is also an important part of a traditional Israeli breakfast. Main ingredients used: tomato, onion, cucumber, pepper, parsley, olive oil and lemon.


Want to enjoy the most recommended snack in Israel during coffee break? You should try the dry bread made from butter dough named Kouign Amann. The shape of this cake is quite cute, which is round, crusty and sprinkled with sugar and salt to form a crust.

Kouign Amann or Breton cake is similar to a puff pastry cake for those of you who like delicious snacks. After all, there are many restaurants around Tel Aviv that serve the Kouign Amann menu. Don’t regret that you haven’t enjoyed typical Israeli food directly in this country which has quite hot weather.


Typical Israeli food that must be tried is kugel or egg noodles. Yes, the kugel dough is made from noodles and eggs, so it’s similar to Indonesian noodle martabak. It’s just that the main difference lies in the topping in the form of potatoes which are often found in Israel. Kugel itself has a sweet taste so it is often served as a dessert.

Kugel is a culinary from Israel that has existed since ancient times. This traditional menu is often served during party celebrations or on Sabbath and Yom Tov. Intrigued by the noodle martabak from Israel? Don’t miss your visit to this country whose capital is mofongosphilly!

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