Typical Czech Food which is Famous for its Delicacy

Typical Czech Food which is Famous for its Delicacy

If you want to try Eastern European cuisine, maybe you can visit the Czech Republic. Here you can taste some delicious Czech food. There are two elements that are very typical of typical Czech food, namely thick soups and various types of thick and creamy sauces that are served with meat or other foods.

Bread Knedliky

Knedliky is the country’s simplest Czech dish. These healthy dumplings are ideal for soaking up all the delicious juices and sauces in Czech cuisine. Knedliky bread tastes sweet or savory. This food is served as a side dish or accompaniment to almost any sauce-based dish.

The rule for eating knedliky bread according to the Czechs is not to butter the knedliky but eat it with juice and sauce. For the traditional version, knedliky is made from slightly stale bread, but the modern version is made from fresh ingredients.

Svíčková Na Smetaně

This Czech delicacy is delicious and very satisfying, but it’s hard to pronounce the name. Svíčková is a classic among Czech specialties and it is a must-eat in Prague City. This dish is in the form of beef sirloin cooked by slow cooking or slowly which has previously been salted and boiled.

Once cooked, the dish is drizzled with a creamy sauce derived from root vegetables and served with bread dumplings. Topped with cranberry compote, a delightful combination of sweet, savory, creamy and salty.


Chlebíčky, which is a bite-sized open sandwich, is a staple of Czech cuisine. Easy to eat and quick to make, chlebíčky are the ideal on-the-go snack. This sandwich is often eaten for breakfast or lunch. Chlebíčky is a common snack at any Czech gathering or celebration.

A small tapa-like snack from Spain consisting of various toppings on a slice of fresh bread. Toppings for this sandwich can range from ham and potato salad to smoked mackerel. For a modern twist on traditional chlebíčky, you can get it at Sisters Bistro in Prague.


Goulash is a spicy meat dish that originated in Hungary but is very popular in Czech. Goulash is made from chunks of beef cooked with onions, peppers and other spices. Usually served with toast or mashed potatoes.


The first typical Czech food is Řízek. The name is very unique and maybe most of us have just heard about it now. Actually, Řízek is the same as Schnitzel from Germany, if you have heard of this dish, maybe you have even tried it. The problem is that several steakhouses and German restaurants in Indonesia serve Schnitzel.

The basic ingredients are meat, which can come from various kinds of meat, which are coated in flour and breadcrumbs and then fried. It must be served with potato salad. In Czech, the most popular is Řízek which is made from pork, but beef is easy to find. Apart from that, there is also Řízek from trout which is more often eaten on Christmas Day.

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