Protect Camera Bumper Matte Hard Space Label Clear Cover for iPhone

Keterangan Product

Bahan: FULL HYBRID LENS, tp nasa ini agak beda karna bahan dia
lebih kokoh + tebal kak sooo bener bener protective banget dh aku jamin banget kak 👍🏻👍🏻

👍100% Brand New, Quality Assurance, Secure Packaging
👍Available Models For: iPhone Perfectly fitted for you phone model.
👍Function: Anti-knock / Dirt-resistant / Shockproof / Anti-Fall
👍Feature: Protect Camera & Good Looking & Good Touch Feeling
👍Design: NASA Tide Brand Label Case
👍Material: Hard Plastic / Matte
👍Fashionable Casing For iPhone


iPhone 7/8
iPhone 7+/8+
iPhone X/XS
iPhone XR
iPhone XSMAX
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 PRO
iPhone 11 PROMAX

Promo Diskon 30.000

Harga 149.000

Harga 119rb

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