Palette Cad 8

Palette Cad 8


Palette Cad 8

Editor: An editor will comprise the largest group of command buttons in the tool palette. Although, Palette CAD 7, 5 and 4 have seen some of these commands integrated on the editor, the tool palette throws in everything they have. This includes, but is not limited to, the new option for line types, the lock and grip features for dimensions, and custom commands for alignto, extrude, planar stock, furnish, dimension constraints, referencing, and import objects.

The user can store the layout of the palette in a preset, which can be restored each time the drawing is opened. The palette can also be saved to display linetypes, dimensions, colours, viewing properties, contour lines, and annotation tool options according to the current drawing.

The tool palette is one of the most powerful editing tools in Dynamic User Interface (DUI) CAD. It allows users to quickly place commands needed in the current drawing, such as dimensioning, drawing, editing, annotating, and measuring to name a few. Users can also place custom commands on the palette that can be assigned to a button as the drawing is open. Using the tool palette, users can easily label, arrange, and plot a multileader without having to switch between the drawing and the palette. Of course, if it is not available in the drawing, the drawing will still prompt the user to include it. The palette will not only populate with standard commands, but originates from virtually any command that the application can examine.

Palette CAD has a fully customizable tool bar and menu. Creating your own custom toolbar and menu to meet your business needs gives you the flexibility you need. Users can create table formatting tools, digital drawing tools, and paperless tools, to name just a few. Such tools can be placed on the tool bar or the menus with drawing context and design, increased flexibility and mobility. Custom menu items can be easily created, stored, and even saved as a preset. Users simply need to save the array of menu items under a name, then choose to apply these preset actions each time the drawing is opened. In addition, the command palette can be customized and assigned to the toolbar or tool menus.


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