Nataraja Pathu In Tamil Pdf Free _VERIFIED_

Nataraja Pathu In Tamil Pdf Free _VERIFIED_

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Nataraja Pathu In Tamil Pdf Free

Nataraja is one of the principal forms of the “Yoga” school of Hinduism. Nataraja is considered an ideal representation of Yoga as a Sattvic form of meditation, in which one enfolds the entire universe.[22] Nataraja philosophy is explained in the Astavakragitiyopanishad as one in which the Atman or Jivasouli is Brahman or Shiva which has become these elements or eternal principles to become Jivatmas.[55] Nataraja is often syllabified as “NaaRaaDhaRaajaa” (नारादहराजा) which literally means “deadly dancing Shiva,” indicating the violent dance as the eternal cosmic change.[56]

Quote: “Nataraja…is the God of the Cosmic Cycle…the eternal dance that is without beginning or end; as such a dance is supremely Dope, when it is properly performed by either of the three divine Madhava Vishnu, Shiva the Cosmic Order, or Siva the Cosmic Reaction, they are all One!”. The Nataraja theme is also an example of the belief in “One Whole” or “One Principle” (ekam sat), as Nataraja is considered one with the universe.[19]

The Nataraja – [Shiva as dance] concept is extremely well-known in Tamil Nadu in Hindu Irrigation practice called the Thirakkaranamalai. This practice involves prayer, chanting, mantra, and divine energy (swayambhuShiva) flowing via the irrigation system to the fields of rice (malai). Disciples of Shiva (the Swamis) who conduct this practice reported the “paradise” feeling as they walked on the stones of the temple following the Nataraja image at the entrance, through the garden, and to the river flowing with water from the mythical “stream of Gods” coming to land here.


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