Georgian Typical Food Mouthwatering

Georgian Typical Food Mouthwatering

Typical Georgian food that is so delicious on the tongue that it makes one imagine how it tastes, it has always been a prima donna when visiting a fractional country of Russia. Processed Georgian cuisine, in fact, comes from meat and secret spices that make it distinctive when chewed deeper, plus the strong aroma of onions.


When visiting Georgia, you must be confused about what to eat because all the dishes on the restaurant menu make you drool when you see it. The first thing you need to try is a food called Lobiani because this food is light enough for those of you who are coming to Georgia for the first time. Lobiani is a food made from fermented milk with a mixture of nuts, which is still easy on the Indonesian tongue. Some are round or semi-circular in shape, about 1-2 cm thick, maybe similar to a moonlit cake in Indonesia. How to cook it also by baking not by frying.


According to sierra-auto, Khachapuri is a flour-based food, or more precisely, in the form of a flatbread, almost similar to Italian pizza. Khachapuri itself there are several kinds, among others:

khachapuri acharuli (boat-shaped, cheese center, half-boiled egg)
khachapuri imeruli (round shaped like a pizza, plain on top, inside is a layer of melted cheese, served similar to a pizza slice)
khachapuri penovani (box shaped, filled with melted cheese and wrapped in a thin layer of crispy skin).


For those of you who want to gain weight, you can eat bread-based foods with a mixture of boiled potatoes and melted cheese in it. The food is called Khabizgina which is typically made by a resident of the Ossetian region, Georgina. In winter, this menu is really delicious to eat because besides blinding fullness it also makes the body warmer.


Kuchmachi is a Georgian dish that has a spicy taste. This one dish is processed from various innards, ranging from beef offal to chicken innards. Offal is the most important main ingredient of this one dish. Usually, the dish that is often served with kuchmaci usually uses beef offal, but Georgians can use other offal according to their individual tastes. This boiled innards must be cut first. Then add the typical spices of this country and then sauté them together.

But sometimes it is cooked by boiling, baking or sautéing. Kuchmachi is generally served with peanuts, coriander and pomegranate seeds. Unique isn’t it? This one dish is usually served as a separate snack. In traditional Georgian cooking, there are two types of kuchmachi, namely hot and cold kuchmachi.


Jonjoli is a Georgian appetizer made with pickled sprouts from the jojoli bush. Jonjoli is usually served at celebrations and has a unique taste. Jonjoli itself is a native plant that grows from West Georgia. What is used for the main ingredient is the flower part. This jojoli is then cooked with olive oil and the addition of other vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers. This dish is usually garnished with onion rings or fried onions and finely chopped coriander. This one appetizer is suitable to be eaten with red beans, boiled potatoes or all types of bread.


The next appetizer is matsoni which is fermented milk. In Japan, this one dish is usually referred to as Caspian sea yogurt. Unlike other yogurt preparations, matsoni can be fermented at room temperature. Matsoni can be made easily at home. Usually served without any additions, or can be with pomegranate seeds. Currently, Matsoni has been sold instantaneously in several supermarkets in Georgia. There are many matsoni yogurt products that can be eaten directly on the market.

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