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FreeSpell is a software solution that can be used to spell check applications like Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Visual C++ and Eudora.
In fact, anything that supports the clipboard supports FreeSpell, and all it takes is a hotkey to invoke it. Just as important, FreeSpell is based upon the Aspell engine, which means it offers the best spell checker around for people with weak spelling skills (as well for people who just need a quick proofread). Aspell is full featured as well, with a large default dictionary, and custom dictionary support.







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– spell check application support like in Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Visual C++ and Eudora.
– All supported applications support the clipboard, that means you can invoke it with a hotkey.
– Full featured Aspell spell checker (custom dictionaries, case sensitivity, word list optimization)
– Support for character classes
– Provide support for spell check while typing, only show the words that require checking.
– Visual C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 support
– You can run FreeSpell Crack Mac in the background, and it will automatically invoke any spell checking operations you choose.
– Spell Check spellings based on last letter in word.
– Detailed spell checking options (for those who do not need a fuzzy spell checker).
– Spell check can be launched with a hotkey
– Spell checking can be done while typing, only the words that require checking
– Spell checking can be done while typing with word list optimization
– Spell checking can be done when application is minimized
– Spell checking can be done while typing with optimized word list
– Spell checking can be done with extension support
– Custom dictionary support
– User dictionary support
– Support for Windows Forms
– You can add additional applications to the Spell Checker by drag and dropping them onto the Spell Checker
– Spell Checker can be started with a hotkey
– Spell Checker can be minimized
– Spell Checker can be moved to any screen on the screen
– Spell Checker can be closed by clicking on the button or by clicking on the screen
– Spell Checker can be enabled and disabled
– Spell Checker can be exported to an EXE file
– Spell Checker can be imported into other applications
– Spell Checker can be exported to Windows Registry
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an ASP.NET application
– Spell Checker can be implemented in a vbscript/
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an.NET assembly
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an IL (C#)
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly, this requires copying
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly, this requires signing
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly, this requires a strong name.
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly, this requires a strong name
– Spell Checker can be implemented in an assembly, this requires a strong name

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SpellChecking Software for MS Outlook, Firefox, Visual C++ and Eudora.
FreeSpell offers full support for custom dictionaries, so it can spell check with custom dictionaries that are uploaded to the server. If the server does not have a custom dictionary for the word, you will see an error message stating that word can not be spell checked.
FreeSpell supports custom dictionaries that are on your computer, as well as custom dictionaries that are uploaded to the server.
For custom dictionaries, FreeSpell also includes the program Spellcheck.exe, which is a GUI for Aspell that allows you to upload custom dictionaries, and perform dictionary updates.
**Windows Vista/7/2008/XP and Linux include the scim-bridge software for the most recent software that supports it.
** If you install FreeSpell using the included installer (freeinstaller.exe) the scim-bridge software is not included with FreeSpell. This installer can be downloaded from:

** If you get the installer by mistake, please delete the FreeSpell folder and all the scim-bridge related files in your home folder, and then run the included FreeSpell installer.
** For any question, suggestion or bug, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the forums.
** And please see the license of the FreeSpell for your legal rights.
** If you like this program, you can download the source code at:

** Thanks,
** Yaotian Chen, Ph.D., D.Sc., B.Eng.
** Author Web:
** Author Email: yaotianchen(at)pdl-soft(dot)com
** Official Website:
** This file may be distributed under the GPL version 2 license.
** Your contributions may be commercially distributed or used for any purpose.
** If you would like to translate the program into your own language,
** you may do so. I do not guarantee that you will be able to contact the
** original

What’s New In?

Freeware spell checker written in C. Supports multiple dictionaries, custom dictionaries, custom rules, and detection of more than one misspelling in a single word. FreeSpell is highly customizable, with the ability to configure and overwrite the program preferences and the option to search an entire folder for misspelled words, or simply the current document.

The Spell Checker is based on an engine called Aspell, which is a very fast spell checker. Unfortunately this is not true for all Windows applications.

The Spell Checker is a product of AppTester. No registration required for free download.


Spell Checker, Add-In and Plug-In for Microsoft Office 97 – 2005.

User Comment (256 characters left)

Average rating:

Excellent tool for the desktop

Jan 15, 2006

(Wolcott, Massachusetts, USA)

Works great on many Windows applications including MS Word, Outlook Express, Microsoft Office WordPad, and my Web Applications.

If it’s a macro, I may use it. If it’s a text box, I may use it.

Although free, I only recommend it if you plan to use it on as many Windows Applications as possible.

I’ve tried others like the Spell Checker Plug-In for Word. It works alright, but tends to misspell words, and it only works in the currently active Word window.

You may also try our newest Spell Checker Add-In for Office XP. Version 2.0 is now available, and is just as powerful as the older version. We’ve added the ability to detect misspelled words in a selected text box, and we’ve also added the ability to open multiple instances of Word (to allow for multiple open and activated windows).

Comments (53 characters left)

Excellent spell checker for your desktop

Nov 23, 2005

(Montreal, QC, Canada)

This is an excellent spell checker with many features that is great for personal use. It works very well and is easy to use. Highly recommended.

You can’t spell-check in word-processor macros? Unbelievable…

Dec 15, 2005

(Cambridge, UK)

I had a spell checker installed on my PC and it worked fine, but Microsoft Word didn’t have a macro capability.

I found this spell checker and tried it on Microsoft Word, and it worked perfectly. It works on any Windows application that supports the clipboard. You can use it with any word processor.

The spell checker is simple, straightforward and works great. And it’s free! I tried it in my personal word processor, and it detected and corrected a number of misspelled words, but also misspelled words I didn

System Requirements For FreeSpell:

Windows 7 or later
1 GB free space on the hard drive
1 GB RAM (3 GB recommended)
DirectX 11 compatible video card
Access to a broadband Internet connection
The game will NOT work with Windows Vista.
Click the Download button below to download the game and start playing today!
ATTENTION! If you are not downloading the game to a folder you own, you must check out the file before launching the game as it may be a virus or spy

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