Download Mp3 Songs Of Dilwale Film Download ((NEW))


Download Mp3 Songs Of Dilwale Film Download

Download Dilwale film mp3 songs Free,mp3 songs of Dilwale download видео.
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Hovering over links doesn’t highlight in opera?

I’ve got an annoying problem with the css hover property, when over a link, it doesn’t highlight, it appears as if it’s just a div, and it’s a span that links that div to another page.
My current HTML is:

Some text

Some more text

And then CSS is:
#divhome {
background: #F7F7F7;
height: 180px;
width: 100%;
#divhome h2 a {
display: block;
height: 180px;
width: 100%;
#divhome p {
display: inline-block;
height: 180px;
width: 100%;
background: #F0F0F0;
text-align: center;

It looks like this
You can see, the the white spans on the links don’t highlight. I know there’s a way of adding a :hover psuedo class for both the span and the a element, but I can’t figure it out myself. Any ideas?
I’ve added an image of how it’s

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