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Crack Robot Millenium V 16 1

I have just started running my economy sand filter. The instructions in the filter manual said I should run it full drain each time, then let it backwash for 5 minutes before running it full again (or similar.) After 100 hours of operation, the filter is at 95% backwatered (run time) and is clogging. What should I do?

I washed units #1 and #2 last night and this morning I was told to wash unit #3. This morning when I went to do a backwash, I had to be careful not to touch the sides because the whole thing started to move very slowly (first backwash in 48 hours!)

I went into my pool that had a sand filter installed in a couple of weeks ago. My filter started kicking up sand in the water. When I stripped it down the only thing I got out of it was a black looking sand underneath the filter. It looks like a dirty filter so I did a backwash and got some other color dirt in the pool. I kept the filter down and look at the sand. There are little white pebbles that float in the water but I can’t see the bottom of the sand. What are these little pebbles?

If a person, and then is commonly used to refer to a man. If was used to refer to the second person, then this distinction would be lost. In practice, however, in the context of the phrase, the distinction is often obvious.

Another old man by the name of Newman owns a donut shop. So when he got a copy of the old movie “The Phantom Menace”, he started to tell everyone about it. One day, he noticed that the people in his shop are hearing about the movie and just started to quote the lines from it, like: “What a funny guy this Jar Jar is” and “That fruit never belonged to you, it belongs to me now”, etc. Immediately, the whole shop K.O.’d.


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