Crack Palisade Decision Tools 6.3 76 ^NEW^


Crack Palisade Decision Tools 6.3 76

You can’t import a Palisade XLSX file that has no.xlssouln extension, which is required for exporting. To avoid a corrupted file, make sure that XLSX.xsl is present and does have the.xsl extension. To do this, go back to the Template folder, chose a Palisade template from and simply copy the XSL part that you want to modify to your existing Palisade XLS template.

Make sure to tick ALL Palisade add-ins in Excel’s list of add-ins so that you can start a new simulation using each module as fast as possible. To delete one of your additional add-ins, right click on it in Excel’s list and choose “Remove”.

If you have a Palisade spreadsheet that won’t open in Excel, you may have a corrupted Ole object model. If that is the case, you’ll need to run the XLS Maker repair tool on it. To do that, go to your C: drive. Open the `repair` folder and then relaunch the Tools » Create XLS Maker Workbook » Repair XLS Maker option. The repair tool should start. It’s an odd process so be warned that it might take a while to complete.


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