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Atlantida El Mundo Antediluviano.pdf

Posted on 2019-09-14

Atlantida El Mundo Antediluviano.pdf

Posted on 2019-08-22

Atlantida El Mundo Antediluviano.pdf

El cartel que se ve por la entrada de la Atlántida Historia de América. No se escribía de forma predecible y se conservaba
en cámara.
url: and evaluating a performance appraisal system at the district level.
This study describes an attempt to implement a performance appraisal system, known as the Evaluation and Review Process (ERP), at a medium-sized urban school district in a large, diverse city. The ERP was implemented at five elementary schools and one high school at the end of the academic year in 1991/1992. Six high-achieving, nationally recognized teachers from each school were chosen as “cluster leaders” at these schools. These individuals were asked to evaluate the teaching performance of their colleagues at their school. Their evaluations were implemented by giving a rating from 1 to 5 to the teachers at their school. Teachers also received a percentage score reflecting the grading they received from the cluster leader. The ERP was promoted at a staff meeting and the individual teacher evaluation was announced at the same meeting. The performance appraisal at the individual level was implemented within two weeks of this meeting. The results for all teachers in the district were described in a graph; those of all teachers at the high school were reported separately. Between the ERP and the traditional individual evaluation, a 3% increase in the average percentage score was found at the high school (8% higher than in the previous year), while an 11% decrease was found at the elementary schools. Because of the small numbers of teachers at these schools and the spread of scores, this negative trend at the elementary schools could not be justified as being significant statistically. The ERP was well received by the teachers. Overall, the promotion of performance appraisal and implementation of the system at the district level was well received by the teachers. The teachers did not perceive the ERP to be punitive, and teachers who were poorly rated by their peers were given positive feedback. There were no negative evaluations. The high schools were positive in their response to the use of performance appraisal, while the elementary schools were negative in their response. The ERP did


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