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Casing berkualitas dengan bahan berkualitas untuk para pengguna iphone

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Material :
FULL SOFTCASE Hybrid , bagian belakangnya matte keras ya kak bukan yg lembek ✌🏻
( kualitas paling bagus punya deh ) + camera protector nya yg bikin kece banget 😍👍🏻

Kualitas print nya juga 3D punya loh efek floral nya bener bener bagus pake banget 😍
nyesel deh kalau ga dibeli sekarang ✌🏻


Iphone 7/8
Iphone 7+/8+
Iphone X/XS
Iphone XR
Iphone XS Max
Iphone 11
Iphone 11 Pro
Iphone 11 Pro Max


Mint dan Lavender

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Adaptogenic properties –
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Anti inflammatory as well as analgesic action –
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Cancers –
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Nervine weakness

Cardio system –

Aphrodisiac actions –

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